Yvette Norwood-Tiger is reviewed by Take Effect, Travels well with: Billie Holiday- Music For Torching; Nancy Wilson- A Touch Of Today

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Yvette Norwood-Tiger

Love Is

Sweet Serenity, 2019


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An acclaimed international jazz vocalist and songwriter, the Detroit native Yvette Norwood-Tiger returns with a dozen tunes that are both jazz standards and well crafted originals, too.

“Equinox” starts the listen with Norwood-Tiger’s beaming vocals across the playful percussion and stylish jazz tune where trumpets punctuate the mood, and “Song For My Father” finds the songstress getting soulful and emotive alongside keys and soothing rhythms.

In the middle, “Long Lost Friends” offers a quick pace of danceable jazz fun, while “Come Sunday” recruits a gospel feeling into the powerful anthem that’s immediately memorable.

Near the end, “Time Is A Wrecking Ball”, a Norwood-Tiger original, has her flawless pipes on full display as keys illuminate the album highlight, and “Agua De Beber” settles into a frisky, snappy jazz number that’s impossible not to enjoy. “That’s All” ends the listen key heavy and elegant, firmly putting an exclamation point on the robust listen.

Norwood-Tiger reworks tunes by John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, and Edith Piaf, among others, that celebrate love and her renditions are delivered with much passion, and even more sincerity and authenticity on this glowing, warm album.

Travels well with: Billie HolidayMusic For Torching; Nancy WilsonA Touch Of Today

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