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Wayne Alpern


Self-Released, 2019


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A New York City composer, arranger and academic with a penchant for jazz and classical sounds, here Wayne Alpern aligns himself with a small army of trombones as well as a pair of trumpet/flugelhorn players and a trio to handle down the rhythm section of these 14 tunes.

“Domino” gets the album off to a horn fueled and hand clapping start with much energy and beautiful interplay between the many players, and “Anthropology” follows with a playful groove and light percussion on the Charlie Parker classic.

Elsewhere, the finger snapping fun of Richard Rogers’ “Blue Moon” and the moody, emotive “I’ve Never Been In Love Before” (Frank Loesser) makes for a lush, accomplished first half of the listen.

Further on, the pop hit “Happy” is reinvented with the esteemed brass prowess on hand, and Clifford Brown’s “Joy Spring” recruits dynamic, soft horns in one of the album’s best. “Handle With Care”, by GF Handel, offers agile percussion in a busy array of massive skill.

A record that has already cracked the top 20 on the Jazz Charts, Alpern and company make all these songs their own (there is one original) with calculated delivery. gorgeous layering and a timeless spirit that will never tire.

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