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Somewhere There’s Music

Jamey Ray, 2019


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An 11 piece a cappella outfit from The Sunshine State, Voctave may not utilize any instruments but their voices, but that doesn’t stop them from delivering new life into classic tunes with their gospel, pop and Christian barbershop influences on these 13 harmonic and soothing covers.

“Orange Colored Sky” starts the listen with the female voices dominating the calming track, and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” brings new breath to the standard as both genders mix their talents with much sophistication.

Near the middle, “Moon River” is especially dreamy, and the playful “Andrews Sisters Medley” illustrates just how frisky the ensemble can get sans traditional instruments with plenty of blues-influenced rhythm.

Deeper cuts offer the romantic and sultry “My Funny Valentine”, and collaborative album highlight “Smile”, where much power and grace are exemplified. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” ends the listen on a comforting and nostalgic exit to an ideal track to finish the intimate and amicable affair.

A collection of primarily jazz standards, Voctave certainly retain that jazz spirit of the originals while putting a nice coat of their inimitable formula on this accomplished and fun endeavor.

Travels well with: The Swingle Sisters Weather To Fly; The Manhattan Transfer- Extensions

Kari Gaffney

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