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Amid accomplishments, Voctave releases new album, “Somewhere There’s Music”

Voctave is an 11-voice a cappella group from Central Florida. Recently, the group has achieved several No. 1 hits on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. In addition, the ensemble is ranked in the Top 25 on Billboard. Further, the group has included Mr. Rogers’ theme song on their latest album. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, they have been named artist-in-residence at Rollins College, the alma mater of Fred Rogers, also known as “Mr. Rogers.” The ensemble’s latest album is called “Somewhere There’s Music.”

Voctave, in brief

To appreciate Voctave, a listener should consider the performative values of groups like Manhattan Transfer and New York Voices.

Voctave’s stellar style comes in part from the members’ professional roots in organizations like Walt Disney World Entertainment, and in performance opportunities such as choral groups, barbershop ensembles, Gospel choirs, pop groups and other performance organizations. The members take their innate and acquired talents from within and without a cappella situations and bring them to bear on the group’s sound.

The group formed in the winter of 2015 under the direction of arranger and producer, Jamey Ray. Their latest album, “Somewhere There’s Music,” celebrates the Great American Songbook. Timeless tracks such as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “Moon River” are all used to capture the vocal prowess of the group. The standard tunes are included in addition to Mr. Rogers’ theme song.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Voctave

From the first note, listeners will understand why Voctave’s videos have more than 130 million views. The lush melodies, the crisp delivery of lyrics all trick audiences’ ears into believing that there is instrumentation somewhere. But that is not the case. Voctave draws listeners in with their full sound. When watching the videos, it is easy to imagine not only an orchestral ensemble backing the group, but more people filling in the harmonies.

With only 11 voices, Voctave’s fills a room and makes hearts soar. A read-through of random comments online proves the positive effect that Voctave has on listeners. From the highest soprano (beautiful, soaring quality) to the lowest bass (that both rumbles and floats somehow) Voctave creates an ethereal sound that enthralls and engages.

All of Voctave’s albums are available on a variety of digital platforms.

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