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Datura Road sits at the crossroads of various musical styles that are finding new life in the Hudson Valley and greater New York area. By bringing together elements of the east and west the band creates a new type of world music that emphasizes song-form and groove, introducing new textures to the western ear. Their debut release, Datura Road, features instruments such as the ud/oud, doumbek, bansuri, and tabla, in addition to the more familiar guitar, bass, and drum framework. Besides unique instrumentation, the roughly thirty-year age gap between front man Matt Nobile (twenty-six) and the other three touring members will surprise most audiences. This accounts for the even wider age range among their listeners and likens the band more to jazz and world music contemporaries than it does to more mainstream up and coming artists.

Datura Road is a band built on community, proven by the fact that their self-titled album was completed with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that raised just over $6,000 dollars before even scheduling their first live performance. The nine musicians, three engineers, and two visual artists who contributed to the project live within a half hour of the emerging Kingston, NY arts scene. The band has begun to tour throughout the Hudson Valley making appearances at the Rosendale Street Festival, Dogwood Bar in Beacon, Woodstock’s Summer Music Series Concerts on the Green, and was featured on WDST’s Roundtable program hosted by Doug Grunther.

Currently Datura Road is expanding its touring radius and is writing new material to reflect the live sound of the four-piece line-up. Their newest single, Görüşürüz, a version of “goodbye” in Turkish, is slated for release this fall. They are also developing new artwork for a variety of merchandise.

The band formed when Matt Nobile invited guitarist/mandolinist, and former teacher Raphael Garritano, to work through some songs that Matt had been stockpiling. Percussionist David Budd, who had played with both Matt and Raphael in the local Latin group, Passero, was recruited shortly thereafter, and bassist Peter Nobile was pulled into the studio by his son Matt to finish the album project and quickly became the permanent fourth member. All four members are influenced by artists such as The Beatles, King Crimson, Bob Dylan, and Ravi Shankar, but also bring flavors of their own into the music. Raphael has been a lifelong listener of western classical and medieval music, David of West African and Middle Eastern music. Peter has consistently performed in jazz ensembles and in musical theater, and Matt holds a B.S in Jazz Performance from SUNY New Paltz and studies Arabic classical music.

The various styles of music that come together in Datura Road expose listeners to what happens when stylistic conventions are pulled apart and recombined.


Datura Road is a testament to the quality of music coming out of New York’s Hudson River Valley. Listeners will hear warm dance grooves, smoky Latin ballads, and trance-like meditations that seduce the ear from one song to the next. “One Day” is a bright and buzzing dance groove about human perseverance while “Red Velvet” is a sultry South American ballad describing the battle between physical temptation and emotional well-being. Despite varied subject matter, the lyrics are often metaphorical and repeatedly reference both nature and tactile sensations. The instrumental pieces are also nature centric: “Bird Medicine” is a musical representation of blue jays and crows fighting during sunrise, while “Ocean Dance” is dedicated to the Yoruba deity Yemanjá, Goddess of the Living Ocean. The lone cover on the CD is The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood,” reimagined with ud, tabla, and twelve-string guitar. The result of this refreshing album is a journey that takes listeners to many parts of the world without letting them settle in one place for too long.

1. One Day – 5:33
2. Ocean Dance – 3:59
3. Living Under Water – 5:05
4. Norwegian Wood – 2:37
5. Tracing the Day – 5:44
6. Ila – 4:05 Pronounced (Eeee -la)
7. Ntoto- 4:54 Pronounced (Nuh-toh-toh)
8. Bird Medicine – 3:13
9. Shanti – 4:53 Pronounced (Shah-nti)
10. Red Velvet – 6:08

Matt Nobile (No-buh-lee) – guitars, ud, voice, pennywhistle
Raphael Garritano – guitars, mandolin
David Budd – drums, percussion
Peter Nobile (No-buh-lee) – bass, tracks 1, 6-10
Allen Murphy – bass, tracks 2,3,5
Steve Gorn – bansuri, tracks 5,6,8,9
Eric Archer – tabla, tracks 4,6
Pablo Shine – congas, tracks 9,10
Tim Allen – clarinet, track 2

Artist: Datura Road
CD Title: Datura Road
Label: Self-Released
Street Date: June 22, 2018
Available at all fine retailers

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