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Troy Roberts


Troy Roberts
Saxophonist Troy Roberts blends imagination, energy and ambition to make music that is highly creative. This is his 12th album and his performances have gained awards and high praise from critics as well as audiences. The album features all original compositions with an element not yet showcased on Roberts’ previous albums; the collection in nature is an ensemble album, only this time recorded with Roberts helming multiple soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, as well as acoustic and electric basses, along with Jimmy MacBride on drums. As Troy states, “My first compositional rule of thumb is to capture my ideas by singing them into my phone. Every so often, I transcribe and save them to a folder on my hard drive called ‘Stuff I Heard’ for later development. All my albums are essentially the fruits of these seeds”.

On this recording the magic comes from Troy Roberts – soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, acoustic bass, electric bass and Jimmy MacBride – drums.

The tracks are Little Room, Harry Brown, Lifeline, Prayer Of Hope, Rejekt, Hightail, Aeonian, Solar Panels and The Comedian.

We all know his musicianship, and now his compositional skills sparkle.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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