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Troy Roberts


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Toy Robot, 2020


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The always impressive Troy Roberts returns with his 12th album as leader, where his saxophone and bass prowess delivers all originals that are heard here for the first time.

“Little Room” starts the listen with glowing saxophone as electric bass adds a bouncy spirit while Jimmy Macbride’s deft drumming anchors the rhythmic opener, and “Harry Brown” follows with a calmer spirit as acoustic bass acrobatics lead into proficient saxophone fun.

Further along, “Prayer Of Hope” recruits a hypnotic yet calming orchestral setting, while “Rejekt” gets playful and exploratory with a lively execution that’s not short on funk filled grooves. “Hightail”, one of the album’s best, then showcases some modern jazz with incredible solos that few could replicate.

Closer to the end, “Aeonian” offers a slow burning 6 minutes of gorgeous interplay in the ballad, and “The Comedian” exits the listen cinematic, with skilled texturing.

Roberts has had an incredible career so far, with 2 Grammy nominations and appearances on nearly 50 albums and counting. With Stuff I Heard Roberts does what he does best, making innovative and challenging music that resonates long after the music stops.

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