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Troy Roberts and Tim Jago

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Troy Roberts & Tim Jago – “Best Buddies Toy Robot Music

by Paul Wilson

Both Roberts and Jago were born in Australia and have been more or less what the title suggests for many years. Roberts, the saxophone player, has two Grammy nominations, twelve highly rated albums, and performed at the 2008 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition where he was a semi-finalist. Tim Jago plays guitar and has recorded with such notable acts as Chic Corea, Gloria Estefan, Steve Miller and Arturo Sandoval. He performed in and finished a semifinalist in the Wes Montgomery International Guitar Competition. “Best Buddies” is just what you might expect – a couple of friends getting together to jam. Actually, they wound up in the same place because of Covid shutdowns and figured why not. In this case, they are doing so with traditional straight-ahead jazz. Track one – “Chythm Ranges” is more upbeat while the remainder of the work is more introspective and mellow. One of the things I liked is how they sync’d their respective instruments, so they played off each other, not simply taking turns at solo. All in all, this is a refreshing listen and one that is certainly recommended.

Overall: 8 Sonics: 8

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