The Dover Quartet is reviewed by Take Effect, receiving a 9/10 rating

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Dover Quartet

The Curtis Session

Bimperl, 2019


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These esteemed youngsters have already picked up several awards in their short existence as the Dover Quartet, and just in the last year have played over 100 concerts on North America. Composed by Dr. Eric Sessler, The Curtis Session has the quartet offering 4 movements here in 30 minutes, as they bring Sessler’s Dreams From Life Awake to life in an engaging, mesmerizing performance.

“Reverberation-Exploration-Flow” starts the album with strong collisions of strings in a melodic yet tense setting of exquisite interplay, and “Tenderness-Love-Warmth” follows with gentle, agile musicianship amid a light atmosphere and timeless beauty.

The back half offers us the playful and cinematic “Evolution-Growth-Transformation”, where calm ebbs are met with fleeting moments of rapid intensity, while “Determination-Energy-Resolve” ends the gracefulness with an adventurous spirt where it almost appears that all 4 instruments are on their own journey, but somehow coalesce into an awe inspiring display of sublime beauty.

Amazingly recorded with no edits and just two microphones, it’s no surprise that Dover Quartet have so quickly moved into international stardom as their artistic approach is mature, immediately gripping and unfolds with a skill that seems well beyond their years.

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