Take Effect reviews The Andy Rothstein Band, Truth Against the World

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The Andy Rothstein Band


by Tom Haugen


Truth Against The World

Vemicious Knid, 2022


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The Brooklyn native Andy Rothstein has a long history playing guitar, and here he joins forces with some esteemed players for a diverse and very accomplished set of 11 originals.

“Perfect Storm” starts the listen with dizzying guitar acrobatics as frisky drumming from Tom Cottone and Steve Jankowski’s precise trumpet and trombone make for a bright opener, and “SDPM” follows with Tony Senatore’s frisky bass and Tom Timko’s sax complementing the flowing jazz.

The middle tracks are among the best, and include the D Pappas’ warm keys and Rothstein’s agile guitar on “Mystic Mud”, while “Step Out” places Ken Gioffre on sax for the dynamic and layered melodies that you won’t soon forget.

“Funk 7” lands closer to the end, and finds plenty of grooves amid the meticulous rhythm section and, of course, Rothstein’s inimitable guitar playing, and title track exits the listen with no lack of rhythm as an undeniable energy finishes on a very high note.

A listen with much appeal for fans of rock, blues, jazz, fusion and soulful sounds, Rothstein and company don’t squander a second on this charming record.

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