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Terrence Wintersmith


Terrence Wintersmith

A Walk In The Woods

Addictive 2 Music, 2019


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Terrence Wintersmith

in an esteemed career that’s lasted over 40 years, Terrence Wintersmith has been nothing if not diverse. With A Walk In The Woods, the veteran musician wrote and produced all the tunes with 20 musicians on hand to help flesh out these meticulous tracks.

The title track starts the listen with lively flute amid an upbeat and expressive landscape where violins and horns flow alongside Wintersmith’s piano and synth prowess, and “Ridgetop” follows with soft flugelhorn and pop influences in the pretty landscape.

Further along, “Jumping And Jiving” finds a warm place to reside alongside keys and sax, as a trio of vocals arrive from Wintersmith as well as Patricia Lee and David E. Greene, while “A Vido Que Eu Sonhei” recruits Latin influences into the gorgeous singing from Jessica Jeza Vauter. “Amalfi” ends the listen soothing and meditative, as flutes and Wintersmith’s piano skills guide the closer.

Wintersmith has an all star cast with him here, including members of The Dave Matthews Band and Michael Buble’s band, and together they fuel these eclectic jazz tunes quite well and with a quality we’ve come to expect from Wintersmith since the ‘70s.

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