Tamuz Nissim receives 3.5 Stars from All About Jazz Contributor C. Michael Bailey

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Tamuz Nissim: Capturing Clouds

Tamuz Nissim: Capturing Clouds
Vocalist Tamuz Nissim is in constant musical movement. The past three years have each seen a recorded release of 2017’s Liquid Melodies (Self Produced), followed by 2018’s Echo of a Heartbeat (Street of Stars), that very much set the stage for the present Capturing Clouds. All three recordings have in common guitarist George Nazos, whose musical empathy with Nissim has evolved over the three recordings to a beautifully lyrical maximum on George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” that closes Capturing Clouds. There are stars crossed here.

Back from Liquid Melodies is New York City bassist Harvie S, who has made a solid name for himself as a leader and sideman on many recordings. His contributions to Nissim’s recordings are considerable and may be heard best here on the opening “Sunny Side of the Street,” setting up an offbeat, almost dissonant reading of the standard. He also drives a trio performance featuring Nissim and drummer Tony Jefferson on Jimmy Van Husen’s “Like Someone in Love.” On both songs, Harvie S raises the creative ante beyond the high one already set by the leader.

Nissim’s composing abilities are well represented by half of the pieces included in this release. The title cut requires a light touch by all. Over a harmonically delicate structure, Nissiam spins lyrics about dreams and how to meet them. “What a Pair” again pairs Nissim with Harvie S and a bouncing melody and lyrics about the give and take of relationships and how we all relate with one another. And what wonderful her scat singing! Nissim’s greatest technical accomplishment is evidenced in her vocalese lyrics over John Coltrane‘s recording of “I Hear a Rhapsody,” from the 1961 recording Lush Life (Prestige).

Capturing Clouds is Tamuz Nissim’s most fully-realized and integrated recording yet. She is on the rise and her arc of ascension shows no downside.

Track Listing

On the Sunny Side of the Street; Make It Last; Capturing Clouds; I Don’t Wanna Grow Up; Ray of Hope; Like Someone in Love; Saturday Sun; What a Pair; Listen; Rhapsody for Trane (I Hear a Rhapsody); Here Comes the Sun.


Tamuz Nissim: vocalist; George Nazos: guitar; Harvie S: bass; Tony Jefferson: drums.

Album information

Title: Capturing Clouds | Year Released: 2020 | Record Label: Street of Stars

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