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Tamuz Nissim

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Tamuz Nissim ‘Capturing Clouds’ CD (Street of Stars) 4/5

Once again, Tamuz Nissim hits it on the nail with her fourth album, Capturing Clouds, released on Street of Stars Records.
This is a soulful collection of eleven tracks, including two covers (‘On the Sunny Side of the Street’ and ‘Like Someone in Love’), a couple of popular songs such as I ‘Don’t Want to Grow Up’ or ‘Here Comes the Sun’, as well as original compositions, which only attest to Tamuz Nissim’s brilliant songwriting talent. Back with her usual trio, which includes George Nazos on guitar, Harvie S on bass and Tony Jefferson on drums, Tamuz Nissim delivers an album full of warmth and sentimentality.

Once more, Tamuz Nissim delights listeners with her singing, as it manoeuvres through different textures, playful with rhythm and total vocal control, effortlessly sauntering and dancing through sensuous or more upbeat melodies. Compared to the band’s previous release, I feel this album propels George Nazos’ guitar to the forefront much more, and we can only be too happy about that decision.

Easing into the album with the classic ‘On the Sunny Side of the Street’, flaunting Nissim’s signature scatting, which is one of the reasons why I first fell in love with her singing. Fortunately for us fans, she’ll keep it up and delight us with her talent throughout the album. Harvie S jumps on the bandwagon with a short attractive interlude which, together with the drums, gives a solid jazz feel to this revived cover.

The album follows with an equally upbeat tune, ‘Make It Last’, where George’s guitar solo and Tony’s drums add a delicious sway to the tune. Already from these two tracks, we realise talent is abound on this album and we are in for a lovely ride.
‘Capturing Clouds’ is a shimmering song of hope where Tamuz’s impeccable singing creates the melody; her vocals wavering like clouds in the sky, as George’s guitar emerges softly and lingers on, accompanied by Harvie’s soft strings and Jefferson’s timely brushes. Together, the musicians create an atmosphere laden with a feeling of magic.

‘Ray of Hope’ is, without a doubt, my favourite track on the album. It is one of those songs that joins the ranks of ‘Broken Promise’s from her first album; one of those sensuous tunes Tamuz is so good at rendering with such melancholy that it hits you right through the heart.

Cranking it up a notch, the band’s rendition of ‘Like Someone in Love’ may depart in terms of rhythm from the more classic versions I am more familiar with (Bill Evans and Chet Baker immediately jump to mind here) but it includes everything that makes up a traditional jazz standard so enjoyable – a pulsating bass solo, a thriving drum repartee and Tamuz’s scatting, all bundled up in a feet-tapping melody that remains timeless.
‘What A Pair’ is a playful dialogue between Tamuz and Harvie S. The double bass’ guttural sound offers a nice contrast to Tamuz’s colourful vocals. The nice thing about scatting is that it sounds different every time you listen to it. On this track, they both tease each other like budding lovers and it is so refreshing.
On ‘Rhapsody for Trane’ (based on Coltrane’s solo in ‘I Hear a Rhapsody’), she stretches her talent with a vocalese while on ‘Listen’, an enchanting song about faith, her crisp vocals and the lyrics are enhanced by a soothing and uplifting guitar solo, which can only increase George Nazos’ fan base. The album closes with the renowned ‘Here Comes the Sun’, delivered as a gentle duet with George Nazos that does Tamuz’s vocals much justice and shows why these two have been working so well together for so many years. Tamuz Nissim transforms nostalgia into charm while George Nazos always gives us an engaging aural experience.

The album is full of delicious melodies. Tamuz’s charismatic personality pervades each song as she wooes fans with her vocals but she knows that her magnetism is multiplied ten-fold thanks to her solid musical line-up. So, grab the album and let yourself be seduced by a wondrous experience.

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