Tamuz Nissim is reviewed by Take Effect with her new album Capturing Clouds

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Tamuz Nissim


Capturing Clouds

Street Of Stars, 2020


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An artist with a set of versatile and soaring pipes, the Israel born Tamuz Nissim is accompanied by George Nazos, Harvie S, and Tony Jefferson on guitar, bass and drums across these mesmerizing and carefully crafted 11 tunes.

“On The Sunny Side Of The Street” gets the listen off to an upbeat start with Nissim’s pretty pipes over the playful jazz atmosphere, and “Make It Last” follows with frisky percussion and vocal acrobatics that few could replicate.

Across the entire listen, Nissim doesn’t waste a moment, and brings calm melodies on the pop friendly “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”, while “Ray Of Hope” retreats to balladry with sensual vocals and gentle guitar work. “Saturday Sun”, one of the album’s best, then recruits strong rhythm and agile instrumentation in the timeless effort.

Near the end, the percussively strong “Listen” displays the varied skill of the band, and “Here Comes The Sun” exits the affair eloquent and cautious with a calm jazz interpretation of the legendary song.

Though she began her musical interest with classical sounds as a youngster, by her teens the now New York resident was fully immersed in jazz sounds, and that long running interest shines bright on this 4th solo album from Nissim.

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