Tamuz Nissim is reviewed by All About Vocals (Short Takes Feature) with Capturing Clouds

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All About Vocals

by Rudy Palma

Tamuz Nissim, Capturing Clouds (Street of Stars, 2020)

Tamuz Nissim

Nissim, originally from Tel Aviv, offers a sound with a distinct international flair. As on previous releases, Nissim tackles the concept of vocalese. This time on her new release Capturing Clouds, featuring longtime collaborator George Nazos: guitar with Harvie S on bass and Tony Jefferson on drums. The timbre of Nissim’s voice ranges from whispery moments to fully commanding forays of bebop. Of note is her interpretation of John Coltrane’s solo on “Rhapsody For Trane (I Hear Rhapsody)” where Nissim has written vocals to John Coltrane’s solo over “I Hear a Rhapsody” from the record Lush Life. Her rhythm is astutely accurate and tensioned with blue notes as she navigates the master’s solo with meaningful and well-crafted lyrics. Each track on Capturing Clouds, the listener is treated to textures that Nissim evokes and the personality that she conveys with each lyric. The album features equality of well-penned originals, and well-known standards, each highlighting Nissim’s prowess. 

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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