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David Finck


by Tom Haugen


BASSic Instinct

Burton Ave. 2021


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The legendary New York bassist David Finck has enjoyed a lengthy and exceptional career that includes working with Rod Stewart and Elton John, among many others. Since his debut as bandleader in 2009, he’s released consistently great acoustic jazz albums, the latest being BASSic Instinct, which showcases both originals and covers with an all star cast present.

The title track leads the listen with Ryan Quigley’s trumpet and Mike Davis’ trombone complementing Finck’s incredible bass playing in the smooth, fluid jazz opener, and “The Best Thing For You (Would Be Me)” follows with warm piano from Tedd Firth in the playful yet soothing delivery.

Further into the listen, “Seascape” moves calmly, sublimely and poetically with just Meg Ruby’s agile keys accompanying Finck’s cautious bass, while “Tea For Two” brings Cliff Almond’s precise drums and Quinn Johnson’s light keys to the precisely textured landscape. “So What”, one of the album’s best, then recruits a soulful quality amid Kelly Mittleman’s soaring pipes and Andy Snitzer’s well timed saxophone.

“Tico Tico No Fubá” lands close to the end and showcases jumpy keys from Ruby, and Nelson Faria’s meticulous guitar won’t go unnoticed either, and “I Remember” exits the listen with Melissa Errico’s eloquent pipes alongside Firth’s delicate piano and Finck’s versatile bass playing.

Few people will ever play bass quite like Finck, and his unique interpretations and timeless originals make this 6th album ideal for those with an ear for anything jazz related, past and present.

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