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by Tom Haugen



Dorron, 2022


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Yaron Gershovsky is a man of many talents, and here he brings his skills witih piano, arranging, composing and producing to the originals and covers that traverse jazz, rock and samba, among others.

“Northern Lights” starts the listen with frisky and intricate keys alongside the swift drumming of Cliff Almond and Boris Kozlov’s well timed bass, and “Transitions” follows with a much calmer approach that benefits from Will Lee’s electric bass and David Mann’s alto flute in the dreamy climate.

Entering the middle, “Show Me The Way” burns slow with Alex Sipiagin’s soulful trumpet complementing Gershovsky’s graceful keys, while “So Danco Samba” offers a playful and upbeat energy that’s certainly danceable and showcases Aubrey Johnson’s charming vocal acrobatics in the Jobim original. “I’ll Be Seeing You”, one of the album’s best, then spotlights Gershovsky’s inimitable piano prowess as much beauty radiates.

Inching towards the end, “The Lonely Tree” is Gershovsky’s interpretation of the folk traditional with much cautiousness amid a poetic demeanor, and “I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’” exits the listen with Johnson’s rich vocals returning with a busy execution that includes pretty backing vocals, crisp drumming, dazzling keys and meticulous bass work.

An aptly titled effort, Gershovsky and company weave in and out of tunes that put a fresh coat of paint on classics as well as displaying his very versatile and exciting brand of song craft.

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