Take Effect reviews The Scott Silbert Big Band, Jump Children

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by Tom Haugen

The Scott Silbert Big Band

Jump Children

Self-Released, 2022


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The multi-instrumentalist and arranger Scott Silbert sure does make an impression on this first album as band leader, where some lesser known works of the ‘30s and ‘40s are fleshed out with the rhythm section of Tony Nalker (piano), Craig Gildner (guitar), Amy Shook (bass), Ken Kimery (drums) and a handful of players on sax, trombone and trumpet.

“Jump Children” opens the listen with Gretchen Midgley’s bright and soaring vocals adding much to the upbeat and warm brass that’s anchored by Kimery’s frisky drums, and “Annie Laurie” follows with Shook’s precise bass complementing the soulful sax playing of the retro spirit.

Further down the line, “Tootsie’s Rag” will certainly get your body moving with its nostalgic energy and playful keys thanks to Nalker, while “Lullaby In Rhythm” trims the pace back with smooth melodies and dynamic interaction between the horns to yield the most amount of memorableness.

Elsewhere, “She’s Crazy With The Heat” alternates between busy textures of brass playing and bits of calm keys, and “Stompin’ At The Savoy” showcases the meticulousness of the rhythm section amid strategic horns.

A charming listen that brings us back to much simpler times, Silbert and company swing with immense skill and a whole lot of fun on this throwback affair.

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