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Sunday At Pilars

Pilars, 2020


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A Wisconsin resident and jazz pianist, composer, and vibraphonist, Chris Rottmayer enjoyed a twenty year career bringing his talents to Walt Disney, and here he’s in the company of Jack Wilkins, Walt Hubbard and Charlie Silva across a dozen originals and standards titled Sunday At Pilars.

“Meteor” starts the album with immediately inviting drums from Hubbard as tenor sax acrobatics from Wilkins solidify the opener as a timeless jazz tune, and “Weave Of Dreams” follows with a calmer pace as Rottmayer’s sophisticated keys follow suit to the warm brass.

Closer to the middle, “My Foolish Heart” pairs precise drumming with melodic piano on the soothing landscape, while “Emily” benefits much from Silva’s contagious bass plucking amid the gentle musicianship. “Nostalgia In Times Square”, an album highlight, then swings with a playfulness that will get you headed for the dance floor.

Rottmayer continues the strong song craft until the end, where “Cherokee”, a Ray Noble tune, alternates between rhythmic and soulful to swift and frisky in its dynamic execution, and “Break Rules For Pilar” exits on an original, where a brief, bouncy display of fun and memorable songwriting finishes on a high note.

This is Rottmayer’s 3rd album, and his straight forward jazz approach makes for a groove friendly and swingin’ good time while also providing plenty of reflection to be had and enjoyed.

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