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Steve LIpman: Hats Off

Judging from the album photos, it’s hard to tell what size shirt vocalist Steve Lipman wears, but it has to be an extra long in order to leave enough room for enough heart for the sleeves.

He takes on romantic standards, mixing and matching with a collection of musicians including Colin Jalbert/dr, Dan Thomas-Ben Falkoff/g, John corda-Zach Cross/p, Dan Prindle/cel-p-b and John Corda/b along with a wide collection of guests.

He’s cabaret old school warm on material like  “You Make Me Feel So Young” and swings with string with a bel canto blast for a dramatic “Night and Day.” A trip to the saloon for the last call has him spinning a yarn for “No One Ever Tells You” and serenades under the balcony for “Come Rain Or Come Shine.” Some klezmer clarinet takes you to the Left Bank for a bohemian “Dance Me To The End Of Love” but can get cozy by the fireplace on “The Way You Look Tonight.” Most interesting is a folksy rendition of “The House That I Live In,” which gives a timely yet timeless message, while he quotes from the Statue of Liberty’s songbook on a gospel’d “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” He’s a guy that’s eager to please!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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