Staccatofy weighs in on David Boswell’s “The Story Behind the Story”

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David Boswell


David Boswell, The Story Behind The Story Review


David Boswell is a Los Angeles based guitarist and composer that is sought after studio musician. Boswell has released five albums that all showcase his gift for composition and a strong sense of melody. Through his career, Boswell has always excelled at many styles, from playing with the San Francisco rock group the Metro Jets to studying film scoring at UCLA. A busy session and studio musician, his works include recording with a variety of top Broadway performers. Boswell also leads his own jazz trio, where he is continually developing a personal voice as an improviser while also displaying his formidable compositional skills. His discography started in 2004 with Hold Tight To Your Dreams, and as a leader, Bridge Of ArtI Like ThatWindowsStoryboard’s Hello, and now his most delicate project, The Story Behind The Story.

Bottom Line: The Story Behind The Story is eight tracks of original compositions by Boswell and one track by Jimmy Haslip and Barry Coates. The album was co-produced by Doswell and extraordinarily talented bassists Jimmy Haslip. Boswell performs on electric, acoustic, and synth guitar throughout the project, his ability to get exciting tones that are pleasing yet very personal to his style is a strong point in his playing. He is joined by Mitchel Forman, Piano (tracks 4, 8), MB Gordy, Drums and Percussion (tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9), Jimmy Haslip, Bass (tracks 3, 7, 9), Scott Kinsey, Piano and Keyboards (tracks 3, 6), Gary Novak, Drums (track 3), Otmaro Ruiz, Piano and Keyboards (track 7), Bart Samolis, Bass (tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8), and Andy Snitzer, Saxophone (tracks 2, 9). “Miraculous” has a beautiful melody that congers images of the vast mid-west with its open harmony and relaxed feel. Boswell’s tone is warm, and his playing has many colors of harmonics, slides, and intricate harmonic, melodic relationships. “Innocence” features multiple layers of nylon and steel strung guitars. Kinsey’s solo on this tune is exciting, and together with Boswell’s solo, both tell a musical story that is easy to follow and compelling. Haslip’s playing of “The Sun and the Moon” is gorgeous; his bass tone sings as he plays the opening melody. Overall, Boswell’s compositions are filled with intricate forms that always have a sense of development and drama. The tune has an expansive sonic and emotional journey that will withstand many listens, don’t sleep on this one. Especially the guitarist out there, get you some of this, and that’s the short of it!


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Kari Gaffney

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