Staccatofy gives Peter Lin a 9.1 Rating on With Respect

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Staccatofy weighs in on Peter Lin with a 9.1 Rating


by Steph Cosme

Keeping the solid jazz sounds of the five horn ensembles alive, you can certainly count Peter Lin The Lintet as a part of that lineage. Lead by Peter Lin, their debut album, With Respect, has plenty of sounds familiar to the 50’s and 60’s jazz vocabulary and five horn voicing stylings. The players are all first-rate and the solos are spirited, melodious and fit the overall presentation of the music. The bottom line is, Lin has compiled an excellent set of seven tunes played by nine skilled musicians that will enthuse, arouse and entertain your senses. It is equally admirable that Lin is putting focus on his lineage, combined with the jazz idiom, it makes for a compelling listen.


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Kari Gaffney

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