Somesh Mathur receives a warming review from Jazzweekly

Somesh Mathur featuring Scott Kinsey: Time Stood Still

Vocalist and composer Somesh Mathur teams with Scott Kinsey on keyboards and bass, as well as various guests on this rich mix of jazz and world tones. The environs reach to African percussion as he chants on “Soulmate” while mixing Indian voice and CTI-flavored soul funk on “Nectar.” Steve Tavaglione’s alto gives a hip jazz feel to the pulsed “When  You’re Happy” and Gergo Borlai’s drums successfully snap on the alluring “Sweet Beats.” Moody bass and sitar create a soft curtain for Mathur on “Danseuse in Distress” and he creates some intriguing half tones on the traditional “And Time Stood Still.” A rich curry of sounds and pulses.

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