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Simon Sammut & Omar Vazquez: Gravity

It has to be assumed that the title of the album refers to the fact that we have two bassists here keeping things grounded on this mix and match of basses with various guests. The only actual duet, “Mar” is lovely, rich and lyrical with a mix of acoustic and electric tones. A bluesy “Equincoccio” features guest Emilio Paacios on an exotic and impressionist flute, while the mood is funky with Osiel Barrios’ gutar and David Caspeta’s drums on “Akmal.” A gorgeous flamenco mood with Citalali Toledo in vocals and Caspeta sizzles on “Mediterraneo” and soulful synth moods prevail on the lush “Distopia” and the soulful track with muted horn supplied by Kevin Abela. Rich soundscapes and atmospheres with a jogger’s pulse.

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