Shannon Gunn is reviewed by Take Effect with Gunn’s Ablazin’

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Shannon Gunn


Shannon Gunn

Gunn’s Ablazin’

Jazz To The Bone, 2019


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A trombone wizard from Washington D.C., Shannon Gunn is in fine company here as these tunes take help from both the Firebird Organ Trio and the Shannon Gunn Quintet on this very eclectic jazz listen.

“Orange Noise” is a trombone led, jazz filled setting with playful vibraphone that’s dedicated to all the lies littering Twitter, and “Missing Perspective” follows with mystery as the instrumentation turns reckless yet precise.

In the middle, “Ms. Cheverly” offers brushed percussion from the trio under the brass fun, while “Cruash” is a busy, dynamic delivery of massive skill that few people could replicate.

Deeper cuts bring us the stylish and subdued cover of H.E.R.’s “Carried Away”, and the shuffling jazz of “Cycal”, which is one of the album’s best. “Rainbow Connection” ends the listen and, yes, it is the classic tune redone with Gunn’s trombone leading the way on the tribute to Aretha Franklin.

Both very artistic and also providing social commentary, the incredible talent present makes it quite easy to see why Gunn was voted Best D.C, Trombonist in two separate years. Similarly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Gunn’s Ablazin’ finds itself being one of the best jazz albums this year.

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