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Sergio Pereira


by Tom Haugen

Sergio Pereira


Sedajazz, 2022


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The Brazilian Sergio Pereira has a long history playing music, and his formative years of bossa nova influence certainly is present across this jazz friendly listen that hosts many esteemed musicians on his 3rd album.

“White Lion” opens the listen with Pereira’s fluid guitar and warm voice alongside Helio Alves’ agile keys and Emilio Martins’ frisky percussion in the cultured climate, and “Morning Mist” follows with Pereira on acoustic guitar and Marcus Teixeira on electric guitar in the dreamy, upbeat delivery.

“Quase” arrives at the halfway point and showcases Ralph Moore’s alto sax prowess and Maurico Zottarelli’s precise drumming amid the breezy jazz sensibilities, while “Give Me” floats with a charming display of cozy bass from Mark Egan and well timed harmonica thanks to Gabriel Grossi, as Pereira illustrates another avenue of his diverse jazz.

Landing near the end, the pretty vocal scatting of “Let It Out” suits the inviting flute, saxes and keys courtesy of David Mann, and “Dreamsville” exits the listen with Pereira’s elegant acoustic guitar, Paulo Paulelli’s meticulous bass and Zottarelli’s gentle drumming emitting much grace.

Recorded remotely during the pandemic in 2019/2020, Pereira brings the listener hope, positivity and happiness with his craft, and his global adventures and vast experience make for an exceptional and worldly affair.

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