Sarah Reich lands a 9.1 from Staccatofy for New Change


Reich is masterful in her performances, her lightning fast feet are not merely about speed, but also about musicality. You can hear the melody ring in her solo’s just like that of her counterparts on their instruments of choice. What Reich is doing is revolutionizing the jazz locution by opening it up to a percussive sound created by the human body, and that is exactly the sound. Close your eyes and you find yourself understanding her role in the music as a soloist and percussionist.

Bottom Line

New Change is absolutely about recasting the role of tap in the jazz fabric. Reich is certainly the right spokesperson to do it, her musicianship within the grooves of these tunes is galvanizing. She connects the history of her artform, with the creativity and improvisation of jazz for a winning sound. Its time to cough up your spare change, for a New Change.


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