Samoa Wilson with the Jim Kweskin Band: I Just Want To Be Horizontal is reviewed by Jazzweekly

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Samoa Wilson


Samoa Wilson with the Jim Kweskin Band: I Just Want To Be Horizontal

Vocalist Samoa Wilson continues the long list of vocalists (including Maria Muldaur) who have sounded perfectly at home with the rootsy jug band sounds of Jim Kweskin. This recent album is a continuation of their multi-year symbiotic relationship of sounds that take you to a time and atmosphere of musical innocence. Kweskin joins in for a vocal solo here and some harmonies there, mostly picking and strumming the guitar, teamed with Titus Vollmer/g, Mike Davis/tp-ct, Paloma Ohn/as, Dennis Lichtman/cl-mand-fid, Sonny Barbato/p-acc and a snappy rhythm team of bassist Matthew berlin and drummer Jeff Brown. Wilson is clear voiced, warm and without a hint of irony as she is laconic on the reclining title track, giving a breathy aria on “Someone Turned The Moon Upside Down” or vaudevillian on “Lover Come Back To Me.” Kweskin is avuncular at the mic on “That’s Life I Guess” and melding with Wilson on the folksy “At Low Ebb” with some nice slide guitar in the mix. Lichtman sloops and Ohm sighs on “The Candy Man” and the team is old world on “Easy To Love”. A Sunday stroll in the park.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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