Sam Fazio is reviewed by Take Effect with his new album Let’s Go

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Sam Fazio


Sam Fazio


Let’s Go

Self-Released, 2020


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Though he might be a relatively new name in the area of vocal jazz sounds, Chicago’s Sam Fazio is making new fans quickly with his healthy pipes that bring new life to several jazz and pop standards, as well as a pair of originals, on this strong effort where the legends Tuck & Patti produced and mixed Let’s Go.

The aptly titled “Pure Imagination” starts the listen with just harmonica and keys as they interact playfully with Fazio’s smooth and elegant vocals, and this gracefulness continues to the swift and frisky jazz of the original “Let’s Go”, as crisp percussion and animated guitar licks enter the equation.

Across the 10 tracks, each one shines in its own light, including the Gershwin and Gershwin interpretation of “S’Wonderful”, where just piano accompanies Fazio, while “My Baby Just Cares For Me” brings in backing vocals in the soulful and melodic swing sensibilities.

Deeper cuts offer us the bare and cautious “Eleanor Rigby”, where only a bass is in attendance with Fazio’s strong singing, and “Share My Life” ends the listen with merely a guitar in a sparse display of timeless, albeit haunting, qualities.

A very mature listen that sometimes gets dreamy, is highly rhythmic and alway emotive, Fazio sings from the heart here, and delivers a flawless performance with an incredible band to help solidify Let’s Go as the first must hear traditional vocal jazz release of 2020.

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