Sam Fazio is reviewed by Music Man Blog with his new album “Let’s Go”

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Sam Fazio

CD Review: Sam Fazio, “Let’s Go”

Sam Fazio

This week the Musician Blog moves to the Windy City of Chicago to meet the marvelous singer, Sam Fazio who just released his fourth CD, “Let’s Go”.   Sam has performed at almost all the Jazz venues in Chicago including a 6-year run at the historic Drake Hotel.  In recent years, Sam has performed in many of the major Jazz rooms from LA to NYC with rave reviews.  If you like the era when vocalists were cherished for the quality of their voice and phrasing, then you will love Sam Fazio.  I found this CD interesting because Sam has put together a playlist of songs he loves to sing that cover Jazz and Pop tunes.  Sam has a rich, deep voice and his delivery is smooth as silk.  The first time you hear Sam sing some his, and probably your favorite songs, my bet is you will award him a place on your favorite singers’ list.

The arrangements for the 10 songs on the CD are new, creative and fresh.  The musical configuration on the 10 songs on “Let’s Go” are different for each song. On one song like “Pure Imagination”  Sam sings with just a Piano and Harmonica and it’s perfectly matched to the melody and lyric of this classic gem!  On some he used Piano and Drums then used Guitar and Harmonica for others.  The results are great and allows the listener to hear Sam perform in multi-musical environments.

I have attached a copy of the Playlist listed on the CD that shows who the difference musicians are on each track.

I have attached two “YouTube” videos from this CD.  The first is the wonderful “Pure Imagination” from the brilliant writing duo of Bricusse and Newley.  Chris White on Piano band and  Michael Peloquin on Harmonica give some wonderful supporting work behind Sam.  I just couldn’t resist picking the Oldie but Goodie, “Do You Want To Dance” that Sam sings as smooth as silk with a new spirit of understanding of the lyric.  Enjoy!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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