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Sam Fazio


Album Review: Let’s Go from Sam Fazio

Album:  Let’s Go
Artist:  Sam Fazio
Label:  Self-Released

Displaying a genuine reverence for classic jazz standards, vocalist Sam Fazio has a Perry Como style delivery, totally nonchalant and reflective in a voice that cradles the lyrics as though they are precious china.  His new CD Let’s Go contains a selection of Great American Songbook standards, a few pop classics, and three originals written by his record producers Patti Cathcart and Tuck Andress.  A montage of bluesy vocal melodies, Fazio intimates human emotions that will move his audience.

The swinging rhythm of “My Baby Just Cares for Me” brings out Fazio’s playful side as his vocals traipse jovially across the melody, brimming a bright mood.  On the other hand, “Superstar” brings out the torchlight flickers of his timbres as he gleams a mellow tone, which turns to a glinting clip in the pop classic “Eleanor Rigby,” written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  The Latin accented ruffles of Tim Fitzgerald’s guitar chords coruscate over “Do You Want To Dance” showering sleek twinkles across the melody.  Michael Peloquin’s harmonica cuddles Fazio’s vocals lovingly through “Pure Imagination,” a dreamy melody penned by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley that Fazio handles astutely with care and ease.

Fazio presents the laid-back image of sitting in a chair in his family room as he sings these songs to friends enjoying his company in a typical Perry Como style.  The tranquility he exudes in his voicing affects the listener positively, focusing on creating pleasing aesthetics that comfort the aural senses.

Sam Fazio – vocals
Chris White, piano
Leon Joyce, drums
Tuck Andress, guitar and bass
Tim Fitzgerald, guitar
Michael Peloquin, harmonica
James Henry, percussion
Ron Belcher, bass
Patti Cathcart and Denise Young – background vocals

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