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Sam Fazio

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Sam Fazio – “Let’s Go” Self Released


Unlike a number of jazz artists, Sam Fazio is more of a vocalist than someone who plays an instrument and sings. Don’t let that dissuade an interest in his collection of jazz / pop covers on “Let’s Go,” his latest self-released work. Fazio has an eminently listenable voice that is smooth and quite mellow. Yet at times he can add some “oomph” in for good measure. “Let’s Go” was also produced, recorded and mixed by the highly respected jazz team of Tuck and Patti, both of whom are also superior vocalists, and, who also helps out on the occasional vocal backup. Fazio can be downright mellow as on the Gershwin classic “S’Wonderful” and also energetic on the several tracks with a full rhythm section. This was a fun listen to an artist who has performed at numerous prestigious venues and with many highly respected artists. This one does not disappoint.

Overall:   8

Sonics:     8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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