Rupert & Drexler receive a glowing review from Audiophile Review

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New Music for November 16

Artist: Rupert & Drexler – “R&D”

Label:  Rupe Media

Jeff Rupert and Richard Drexler have quite the combined musical history. Having worked with performers like Diane Schuur, Mel Tormé and the Woody Herman Orchestra, Rupert & Drexler demonstrate their combined years of knowledge on “R&D.” With Rupert on sax and Drexler on piano, the eight original tracks were a portion of two live performances given in Orlando, FL in 2015. They were held in reserve until the 2018 release. This is straight up, traditional jazz, very soft and melodic and quite uncomplicated. With only the two instruments, sax and piano, the musical portrayal is wonderfully simple. Altering back and forth, each musician’s talents are showcased individually and then in combination with each other. Anyone looking for some nice relaxing music on a cold Sunday evening might try “R&D” on for size.

Overall: 8 Sonics :8

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