Roots Music Report reviews Radha Botofasina, The Spirituals, Vol. 2: Carry On

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The Spirituals, Vol. 2: Carry On

Written by Joe Ross

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Harpist and vocalist Radha Botofasina serves up some stirring and inspirational gospel music that draws heavily on traditional spirituals, presented in her fresh renditions co-arranged by pianist John Lehman. I enjoyed hearing her understated harp embellishments in a few of the tracks such as “Mind on Jesus / God on God” and “Mary Don’t You Weep,” “Move on Up a Little Higher” and “Satan We Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down.” Background vocals and occasional colorings of organ and percussion establish a heart-warming groove that helped the album peak at #3 on The Roots Music Report’s Top 50 World Album Chart in mid-May 2022.

The strength of “My Soul Gonna Shine” is its lively incorporation of tight, expertly played brass, while the full sounds of the strings on “Going Back With Jesus” make that an exquisite standout track. Closing with her self-penned “Carry On” that opens with a chant from Ethiopian women sorting Arabica coffee beans, Radha Botofasina implores women to listen to their soul and use faith and prayer to endure.

Carry On Spirituals Vol. 2 provides an emotional attachment and indicates that the musicians believe in what they are performing. The well-blended flow of songs touch, encourage and motivate us. Cohesive harmonies and well-aligned phrasing result in a splendid musical set that will make you happy and help us find spiritual guidance too.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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