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Ric Harris, Open For Business Review


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While pursuing a goal, a person may find himself in a location he never thought possible. Ric Harris states that an article in Guitar Player magazine about the Old Town School of Folk Music inspired him to leave North Carolina and make his way to Chicago. A few months later, he caught Ira Sullivan and Joe Diorio at the Jazz Showcase and moved to Los Angeles to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology. After returning to Chicago, Harris formed his own jazz group and appeared in the area until 1991, at which time he retired to raise his children. Ric has returned to the music scene with a new vision, one inspired by artists such as Gary Moore, Dickey Betts, and Duane Allman.  With the release of his debut blues album Open For Business, Harris is putting these experiences to good use.  His latest effort sings with a blues affirmatio. That’s the short of it!

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Author Seamus Fitzpatrick

In Short
Open for Business
Before We Turn out the Light
All of Our Debt Is Due
Come What May
How Much Is Too Much
Is It Ever This Hard
If Not
I’ll Be Back Again
Tell Me Why
Another Day, Another Dollar
Some Day
There’s Only so Much a Man Can Do
Ev’rything Was OK
Viagra Falls

Release Date: January 18, 2019

Label Self-Released
Length52 minutes


Harris’ songs focus on the blues idiom, with romping rhythms and outstanding playing by all. The chemistry between the band is evident and the group sound is smokin’.

Bottom Line
Harris has a solid blues guitar sound. The tunes range from shuffles, to straight eight burners. Harris and his band serve up a healthy portion of blues any aficionado can sink their teeth into. Harris’ tone is clean with grit and soulfulness and his rhythm is deeply in the pocket. Piano/organist, Steve Kostakes is also of note, driving the rhythms and spinning equally compelling solos. Harmonica is provided by Ray Cumpian on a handful of tracks. Of special note is “Is It Ever This Hard,” and “I’ll Be Back Again,” Cumpian harmonica inflects a searing sound on harmonica. His solo lines dig into the melody with passion. On this tune, Harris is on slide guitar, his sound is full and gritty. Harris’ tunes are well-penned, his voice is graveled and rhythmically sound. A welcomed listen. Simply put, this is blues man! Get you some
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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