Ric Harris is reviewed by Jazzweekly on his new Blues album Open For Business

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SO, EIGHT BEATS GO INTO A BAR…Ric Harris: Open For Business

The boogie-ing blues are served on an overflowing plate by guitarist/vocalist Ric Harris and his team of Marty Binder/dr, Zack Avery/g-voc, Steve Kostakes/p-key, Harlan Terson/b, Ray Cumpian/harp and Gwen Klemenz/voc.

Harris’ voice is ruff, gruff and street tough as he growls over the shuffle of “Open For Business” while his string cry over the Kostakes’ moaning Hammond on the swampy “Before We Turn Out The Lights.” His lead guitar works is searing, at times giving hints of Carlos Santana as on the slithering “How Much Is Too Much” and gives a hip 50s calypso tilt on “Tell Me Why.” Cumpian’s harmonica is a howling wind, as on the hilarious “Viagra Falls” and wails with Kostakes on “Is It Ever This Hard.” Nights at the local VFW are delivered on the two stepper “Come What May” and the rhythm team bends and snaps like Reese Witherspoon on “There’s Only So Much a Man Can Do.” Does this CD come with a two drink minimum?

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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