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Ric Harris- “Open For Business” – Self Released

To say that Ric Harris has moved around is almost an understatement. He moved from North Carolina, to Chicago, to Los Angeles – where he attended the Guitar Institute of Technology – and finally back to Chicago where he became entrenched in the jazz and blues scene. Such is Harris’ debut work, a combination of jazz and blues with the guitar as the principal instrument.During my initial listen of the work, I thought I heard, at least stylistically, a hint of Southern Rock. I dismissed that notion as pure imagination and upon reading the press release, discovered I was actually correct.

With “Open For Business,” Harris works to combine improvisation with actual melodic arrangements. What remains is a blues / jazz / guitar centric work with a smattering of Southern Rock. I cannot end without mentioning Harris’ voice – rough and “gravely,” and I found his voice interesting and certainly listenable. Definitely something different. Whether or not anyone likes his voice is one thing, what is undeniable is his skill on the guitar. And for that, he is magnificent, as is “Open For Business.”

Overall:  8; Sonics:  8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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