Raul E Blanco and the Jazz Wires are reviewed by Jazzweekly

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Raul E Blancos & Jazz Wires: Land of the Giants

Sizzling Afro Cuban grooves and bluesy horns are produced by leader/pianist and vocalist Raul E. Blanco and his team of Brandt Fisher/ts, Noah Austin/tp, Gabriella Aragon/tb, Joseph Ballestrasse/b and Anthony Channita. The horns sear over a forward charging pulse on the title track, and Ballestrasse’s bass propels the band on a melodic “Timba Reel” and the horns race to the finish line on the exciting sprint of the bopping “Fast Wired Blues.”

Fisher’s horn is rich on the ballad “Lost Worlds” and warm for “When I Had You” with Austin giving a gospel sermon on the easy beat of “(Tangent)”. Aragon swaggers on her trombone for “Sing with Melody” and saunters on vocals for a fun “Heartbreaker” with Blanco delivering intimate for a tender track as well. Exciting and varied paces, with the flexibility and speed of a track star.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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