Raquel Cepeda receives a review from Midwest Record with Passion

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Volume 44/Number 22​
November 22, 2019​
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher ​
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record ​


Raquel Cepeda

RAQUEL CEPEDA/Passion Latin Jazz:  A jazzy gal that likes to kick up her heels Latin jazz style shows she knows how to swing whether delivering the classics or some originals.  In the company of pals that really want her to shine, she may be newish to the scene but she isn’t new to the sound having honed her chops along the way as she traveled the path to get where she is now.  A proud standard bearer of the sound, she knows how to get the party started in fine style.​

(Raquel Cepeda  19001)​

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