Radha Thomas & Aman Mahajan are reviewed by Take Effect with Bangalore Blues

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Radha Thomas


Radha Thomas & Aman Mahajan


Bangalore Blues

Subcontinental, 2020


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A long running vocalist in India’s rock and jazz scene, Radha Thomas eventually made her way to America and released an album in the USA in 1979. Aman Mahajan, a keyboardist and composer, takes world influences into his esteemed song craft, and together with Thomas the pair offer us 7 tracks either about Bangalore or autobiographical stories by Thomas.

Light keys start the listen on the soothing “The Morning After”, where breathy, expressive singing glides along with the soft jazz music, and “Jailer” follows with a more forceful approach, where a playful and rhythmic approach leaves an impression in its waltz template.

Further on, “Leifmotif” builds into a breezy and flowing display of delicate beats, while “Load Shedding” moves a bit more cautiously, with incredible piano work from Mahajan.

“Only Illusion” and “Bangalore Blues” bookend the listen, where the former illustrates strong vocal prowess in a darker spirit amid syncopated rhythm, and the latter offers one of the most memorable selections with timeless melody that’s immediately alluring.

A listen full of Indian heritage and cultured rhythm, Bangalore Blues is a poetic display of veteran skill, where classical and jazz ideas are fleshed out with the utmost care and should be easily embraced by anyone who appreciates meditative, calming music.

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