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Album Review

by Tom McCarter

Review: Trombonist Lin seems to have his finger on the pulse of a jazz from a certain time, not so much the late ’50s as the early ’60s. He’s more Impulse! than Blue Note, less exploratory and more celebratory of the fences that have already been knocked down in advance of his arrival. Lin, who hails from New Orleans, has settled into this very specific sound on his new album. Lin reduces his “Lintet,” a large group of revolving musicians, to a spare quartet. With just four musicians on the stage, he creates a sound that actually opens up and expands into freer realms.  If you’re a fan of the jazz trombone as lead, you’ll admire the way Lin leads this quartet into a sometimes wild, but still carefully structured performance.

If You Like: JJ Johnson, Steve Davis, David “Fathead” Newman

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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