Pat Battstone receives a winning review from jazzweekly

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Pat Battstone brings his piano and pen to join with Chris Rathbun/b, Richard Poole/dr-vib, Ilona Kudina/fl, Todd Brunel/cl and vocalists Gianna Montecalvo-Antonella Chionna. There are weavings of free and eerie voices with floating flutes and vibes on material such as “As the City Awakns” and the bass lead “Sur La Voie Rapide.” Italian language conversations punctuate “And Then what” and “Immigrant Song” as well as “Apocalisse Ora” with chirping reeds and dark piano on “Creatures of the Night Forest.” Most successful is the puffing flute with sublime piano of “Adieu Mes Amis” while the album closes with a shrill title track. Like listening in on a passing Italian subway.

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