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Patrick Battstone: The Last Taxi-New Destinations

Things get fun and frisky on this album lead by pianist/composer Pat Battstone, featuring the flexible voice of Chiara Liuzzi and the wide ranging flute collection of Giorgia Santoro. Teamed alongside Adolfo La Volpe/g, Giacomo Mongelli/dr and Chris Rathbun/b, the team includes other and other worldly voices, electronics, effects and sound objects to create a rich panoply of atmospheres.

Puffy flutes and wide ranging non lyrical voices commingle on pieces such as “Twilight Departure” and with Rathbun dark shadows creep long on “Morning In A Japanese Garden.” Bass and drums do a gentle push and pull with vocal percussion and jagged edges on “Attraverso la CItta” with cymbals dashing away for “All the Birds Have Flown” Some synth sounds and bowed angularity is predominant for the Asian sounding “Sunrise Over  A Painted Desert” and scratches rustle on “Escape Syndrome.” Intuitive collections of sounds, scrapes and aggressive ambience.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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