Pat Battstone and Giorgia Santoro are reviewed by Jazzweekly on their new album Dream Notes

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Pat Battstone


Pat Battstone: Dream Notes







Pianist Pat Battstone creates a series of duets with flutist Giorgia Santoro to accompany art work by Daniela Chionna. The audio material holds up well on its own, with the flute sounding like the mystique of Monument Valley during “The Forest Within” and “Beyond The River Banks.” Some voices are added on the ethereal “Song of Daphne” with rich piano impressions on “ L’Abero Dell ’Incantatore” and the prayerful “The Mist of Morning Waters.” The interplay between the two comes off like comments of two quite admirers strolling through an art museum on a quiet Saturday afternoon.  Rich REMs.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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