Papatamus reviews Chris Rottmayer’s “Sunday at Pilars.”

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by Robert Rusch
Chris Rottmayer CD Cover
CHRIS ROTTMAYER [p] (Pilars Records SAP001) has a fine CD that mixes standards and originals. Recorded in 2018, SUNDAY AT PILARS features Jack Wilkins [ts], Charlie Silva [b] and Walt Hubbard [drm] playing tunes such as “Nostalgia in Times Square,” “Emily,” and “My Foolish Heart.” The CD opens with Tal Farlow’s “Meteor” and some blazing choruses from Wilkins, not to be confused with an excellent guitarist of the same name. There are fine solos throughout this date. Rottmayer is no derivative pianist, as evidenced by his original take on “Emily” – a tune more closely associated with Bill Evans. The hype says this is Rottmayer’s fourth recording, but I had never heard of him before this. It is surprising, with such obvious talent, that he would be so obscure for so long.
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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