O’s Place Jazz Magazine reviews Micah Graves, Pawns

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O’s Place Jazz Magazine

by D. Oscar Groomes

Micah Graves, Pawns

Micah Graves - Pawns Cover


O’s Jazz Place Magazine reviews Micah Graves, Pawns. Groomes says; “O’s Notes: Keyboardist, composer, producer Micah Graves leads a strong ensemble at a blistering pace on “Pawns”, and even more-so on “Spirit” & “Inner Beast”. His rhythm section is anchored by Zach Fischer (g), Zach Guise (b) and Julian Miltenberger (d). Robby Cruz (t), Zoe Lynch (violin) and Yessah Ali (t-sax) round out the band. Dick Oatts adds alto sax on “Fed Up”. Vocals are layered in by Shafiq Hicks and Danielle Dougherty notably on “Lost In Time In Central Square”. We also enjoyed the pulsating groove of “The Hague”. Collectively, they bring your energy up!”

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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