Music Man reviews Ermelinda Cuellar, “What A Difference A Day Made”

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by Robert Nicosia

CD Review: Ermelinda Cuellar, “What A Difference A Day Made”

Jazz Vocalist Ermelinda Cuellar has just released her new CD, “What a Difference a Day Made”.  The CD contains a wonderful mix of two originals and re-imagined Jazz standards.  Ermelinda has a very interesting background that has influenced her musical career.  Born to Peruvian immigrant parents, Ermelinda was exposed to a variety of music at a very young age.  Her parents worked often at lavish parties in Texas where she watched in amazement as musicians created beautiful sounds and this experience convinced her that a music career was what she wanted.  She went on to graduate from the Moores School of music at the University of Houston with a degree in Opera Performance and worked professionally in Opera and musical theatre for many years before focusing her direction on Jazz.  Once arriving in the Jazz world, Ermelinda knew this was the perfect career direction for her and she began finding her own unique sound. “What a Difference a Day Made” is her tribute to her love and study of Jazz vocals.

Ermelinda Cuellar has a clear, strong voice and her phrasing is flawless.  When she sings it comes out clear, relaxed and comfortable.  She has the talent and experience to become a staple vocalist on the world Jazz scene.  I personally congratulate Ermelinda for the massive effect she has put in to get herself to this high level of vocal Jazz performance.

Ermelinda has selected a group of some of the best musicians performing in Texas to join her.  She allows plenty of space in her CD for these professionals to shine and the mix with her vocals makes this CD even more enjoyable.


1. Man with a Horn

2. Sabor a Mi

3. Al Mal Tiempo Buena Cara

4. I Could Have Danced All Night

5. Midnight Sun

6. Angelitos Negros

7. What a Difference A Day Made

8. Duerme Nino

9. Who’s Crying Now

10. Historia De Un Amor

11. Alone Together


Ermelinda Cuellar-Vocals, Composer

Gilbert Sedeno-Piano

Greg Petito-Guitar

Anthony Caceres-Bass

Andre Hayward-Trombone

Marlon Simon-Drums & Percussion

(In Memory of) Anibal Ambert-Percussion

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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