Exclusive Magazine reviews Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion, Veneta

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Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion


by Anne Carlini

Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion, Veneta


Title – Veneta
Artist – Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion
For those unaware, Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion twists jazz, flamenco, Cuban and classical Indian musical forms into intoxicating journeys that thrill audiences.Described by Guitar Player Magazine as “mesmerizing”, Miguel Espinoza has recorded and performed with Bela Fleck, Kai Eckhardt, Kitaro, Tuck and Patti, Rita Moreno and Ben Vareen.

Flamenco Fusion performs to sold out audiences across Colorado and were the honored winners of Denver’s Westword Magazine 2019 “Best of World Music.”

Their first CD, Turtle Dreams, is the winner of Indie Acoustic’s Best Instrumental Album of 2019 – full of original music that has been described as “colorful and vibrant”, “emotional”, a “stunning combination of jazz, flamenco, and subtle world music”, and ”sophisticated rhythmic elements…emotional, natural and organic”.

Their second CD, the just-released Veneta, is a visually and aurally stunning work of musical art, complete with flamenco/jazz guitar, fiery cello, riveting salsa and Indian tabla!

1. Gnossienne
2. Bulerias Barrocas
3. Sad
4. Veneta
5. Cayendo
6. Happy

Combining achingly crafted, beautiful strokes of longing together with some fervent, upbeat and joyous tones, first we get the pleasure to listen to Gnossienne which is itself perfectly followed by startling, impassioned fervency of Bulerias Barrocas and then comes the appropriately-named, yet still veined with heartfelt earnestness Sad.

Along next is one of my own personal favorites here, the tantalizingly sculptured title track Veneta which is backed by the subtly ornamented Cayendo, this 6-track masterpiece coming to a close on the harmoniously joyous resonations of Happy.

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