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DIVA 2022


by Tom Haugen



Self-Released, 2021


Listen Veneta

A Denver outfit spearheaded by the guitarist Miguel Espinoza, this 6 track effort illustrate the players working together with much skill and agility, where their unique brand of world music is quite alluring.

“Gnossienne” opens the the listen with a very calm melody that transitions into a very rhythmic, jazz and world music flavored landscape, and “Bulerias Barrocas” follows with dizzying guitar acrobatics and moody cello meshing with incredible flow.

Halfway through, “Sad” showcases the incredible cello prowess in a very spirited, dreamy delivery, while “Veneta” is a bit darker in scope, but possesses no less beauty in its mesmerizing and fascinating execution.

“Cayendo” resides near the end of the listen with warm, meticulous guitar from Espinoza, as graceful strings and fluent saxophone enter the very inviting climate, and “Happy” exits the listen with the well timed percussion alongside rich and precisely layered guitars.

Espinoza is joined by Lynn Baker (saxophone), Dianne Betkowski (cello), Randy Hoepker (bass), Andy Skellenger (tabla, cajon) and Mario Moreno (percussion on “Sad”), and together they inject jazz, flamenco, and plenty of global influences into a fusion effort you’re not going to hear anywhere else.

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