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Michael Waldrop



Self-Released, 2019


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An artist who wears many hats, the drummer, educator, and composer Michael Waldrop is well versed in both classical and jazz ideas, and with Triangularity he adds a pair of new tracks to this reissue from 2002 where Vlad Girshevich and Eric Thorin lend their talent on the original 8 tunes, while John Lockwood, Steve Snyder and Michael Rosen help flesh out the bonus tunes.

“Twisted Barb” gets the album off to a lively start of skittering contemporary jazz fun with swift keys from Girshevich, and “Belgrade” follows with a more subdued approach of warm piano and well executed bass from Thorin.

In the middle, “Longing”, the longest tune, flows with timeless melodies in the cautious landscape as Waldrop’s strong drumming prowess really shines, while “Doo Dat Tang” offers bouncy rhythm in the elegant yet playful approach. “Ivana”, one of the best tracks present, than displays crisp percussion dancing around the tuneful keys

The bonus tracks finish out the listen, and include the strategic tenor saxophone from Rosen and Lockwood’s bass plucking on “Try Angularity”, which leaves an indelible mark, while “Banja Vrujci” ends the listen a bit louder and with a dynamic approach to the busy exit.

A record that climbed the Jazz Charts pretty quickly, it’s not surprising when you consider the strong fusion and post-bop components to Waldrop’s inimitable formula, that, although being nearly two decades old, sounds quite modern and is delivered with sublime precision

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